Hugh’s 1st Law

50 percent of projects fail!

They fail by not achieving the benefits they promised.

Research confirms that upwards of fifty percent of projects (large and small) fail to achieve the benefits expected by their planners. This includes projects of all kinds, including IT, HR, Organization Design, Restructuring, Outsourcing and Managed Services.

Hugh’s 2nd Law

The cause of poor performance is

poor management!

Do you have the right people, in the right jobs, with the right training and the right supervision?

If not, then poor productivity and poor employee engagement is the result of a management failure.

Why? Almost always the problem is poor or ineffective relationships.

The Arts of Influence™ are a series of skills development workshops for those who manage relationships with employees, internal clients or external partners. After a thorough review and diagnosis of your organization’s specific issues, we deliver customized, capacity building workshops focused on the critical arts of influence to develop or enhance mastery of:

                                 Negotiating: The Art of Managing Problems

                                 Communicating: The Art of Managing Relationships

                                 Facilitating: The Art of Managing Groups

                                 Presenting: The Art of Managing Ideas

Each skill building workshop provides a powerful development experience for relationship management professionals - and those who want to be.

Master Class Workshops

Master Class workshops are designed for HR business partners, OD consultants, project managers and other internal consultants. 

  1. Consulting Skills for the Internal Consultant

  2. Organization Design

  3. Organization Development: Diagnosis and Intervention Design

  4. Conflict Management Skills

  5. Negotiation and Communication Skills

  6. Handling Difficult and Challenging Conversations

  7. Behavioural Interviewing Skills

  8. Employee Engagement: Interviewing and Survey Design


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